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As we get close to three decades of practicing together we find we’re still as passionate about making buildings as we were when we met back in 1983.  After all these years we find we’ve learned a few things and would love to talk about how that can make your project come to life.

We do lots of health clubs and restaurants and find we’re getting pretty good at those– yeah, takes a life time. Homes both grand and intimate. Barns, treehouses, furniture, and custom lighting. We also have a decent history with office space, commercial renovation and fun little stuff like treehouses.  We use AutoCad, Illustrator and Sketchup and still draw by hand to explore design ideas. 

In fact, we love to draw by hand- one of our mottos is to “draw every day”. 

Each project informs our craft and expands what we bring you. Check out our portfolio and if you see things that strike you, we’d love a call. 

architecture and design, Charlottesville VA